Monday, June 18, 2012

Gender Reveal Party

My sister hosted a gender reveal party.  She did such a good job, everything look great!!!

Table set-up

Not sure how to get this turned around, but...

It was a boy!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Pics

Here is a random post of pictures!! Don't have time to arrange & put captions on them, but I bet you guys can figure it out!! These were also posted on Facebook, so some of you may have seen them before:

Included are Aiden's Room, Emily & Hannah's Skate Party (Poodle Skirts), & our first trip to Putt-Putt

The skating rink had little "skate trainers". The girls loved them because they didn't need any help!! They were pretty cool.

Even Big Daddy dressed up for the party!! What a sport!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Aiden Pics & Snow Day Pics

Aiden Update
We went to the doctor this past Wednesday and Aiden weighed 8lb 12 oz!! That was up almost a pound from his check-up the week before. After leaving the hospital he lost almost a pound and got down to 7lb 9oz!! He had slowly gone up, but that was by far is biggest gain. After having one nurse try to encourage me to supplement with formula, it was good to see that he was doing just fine with me just deciding to nurse and not supplement. He is doing good and is a really good baby. He sleeps well and the only times we hear him cry are when he is hungry & when his diaper is getting changed. Here are some pictures from this week:

Snow Day Pictures!!
We took advantage of the snow day and took the girls to go see Alvin & the Chipmunks. It was a cute show and the girls had fun. After that we came home and the girls and Michael played in the snow.

They each made a snow angel for themselves. In the picture below they were trying to catch snow flakes on their tongues!

The next two pictures are just a few I took from outside our house.

Here are pictures of the girls making snow angels.

Our snow ball would not of been complete without a snowball fight!! I'm not sure who had more fun, the girls or Mike!! After the girl's hands got too cold they just started kicking snow on Mike!

This last picture is probably my favorite!! I think you can really see the joy on Rylie's face. Normally it is Rylie who complains first when they are playing outside, but not today. She stayed outside way longer then Reagan and didn't want to come in!!

The girls ended their snow day by watching Snow White. Reagan said we just had to watch Snow White because it was snowing and snow was part of her name!! Thought it was very cute. You just never know what is going to come out of her mouth!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hospital Pictures

Here are his hospital pictures, I wasn't able to get the link to work. Aiden sleep the what felt like the whole time at the hospital, the photo lady tried for like 10 minutes to get him to open his eyes, but he just wouldn't!! He could cry and as soon as she would leave him alone he would go back to sleep. His hasn't been quite that good at home, but he hasn't been too bad. My milk hasn't come in yet, and I think he is getting a little bit more hungry. He is only going about 2 hours inbetween, before he was going 4. Hopefully once my milk comes in he'll go back and give me more time inbetween.

He is definately a momma's boy already too, and I love it!! He doesn't want Mike to hold him at all. The girls would calm down if Mike held them, but not Aiden. Aiden's screaming just gets worse if Mike has him. I'm sure in a day or two I'll wish Mike could hold & help a little bit more, but for right now I am enjoying my boy, and I am in love!!

This one is my favorite!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Aiden James!!

I was induced at 5:30 AM Wednesday morning and Aiden was born at 7:30 PM that night. He weighed in at 8 lbs 8 oz (10 days early!!) and was 20 1/4 inches long. Aiden throughout this pregnancy has given me a run for my money, and the labor & delivery was no different!! Just a warning, I will not be graphic, but if you don't want to hear another labor story, then just scroll down to the pics!!

I got an epidural and about 5 minutes later my blood pressure dropped to 50/29. I felt like I could not breath, it was pretty scary. The nurse was still in the room monitoring me, since this is a side effect. I was given medicine and in about 10 minutes my blood pressure was up to about 85/55, where it stayed until after he was born. I was a 2 when I went it and at 3PM I had made it to a 4 :( The girls took 17-18 hours, so I wasn't too surprised, just disappointment. At 5:30 I started to feel pressure and I has ready to push. It took 1 1/2 of pushing!! I only pushed for 20-30 minutes with both of the girls, so I was really shocked. My body never developed a good contraction rhythm, so the doctor said my body wasn't naturally helping as much and that is why it took so long.

Here are some pictures from when he was born. I know they aren't great, but I'll post more later. The hospital will take pictures here in a little bit so I post that link as well.

Here are all my sisters and Aiden. Heath is hiding in the background! Brook is expecting, she is about 8 weeks, so it won't be long and I'll get to be on the other side of this picture.

Here is Rylie, is was so good with Aiden. Don't know why I am surprised, but she was so little when Reagan was born, I wasn't really sure what to expect.

Here is Reagan. She is really excited about Aiden, and has been for a while, but as soon as he moves, cries or does anything, she is ready for someone to come and take him. She has this look on her face because she doesn't want to hold him anymore and we said we needed a picture first!!

Thank you everyone who prayed for us that day, we definitely needed and felted lifted up!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jesus Likes to Color

Did you know that Jesus like to color?? I bet you are wondering if you missed a lesson in Children's Church, I was when Reagan informed of this fact. I asked her how she knew that, and she said it was from her Favorite Song, "We Fall Down", and then she sang it for me:

We fall down, we lay our "crayons" at the feet of Jesus

She said see, He wants us to share our crayons with him because sharing is nice and he wants to be able to color with us. Thought it was too funny not to share real quick! Hope everyone is having a good week!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Quick Update

My doctor set a date to induce me on Wednesday morning if Aiden doesn't decide to come in the next two days!! I am really excited to finally get to meet and hold him!!

I'll try to log-on and at least post his info if not pictures soon!